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"BASICS OF NINJA TRAINING" Blackbelt Video Course

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Learn Ninjutsu techniques on DVD! Whether or not you ever test for a blackbelt, this is a classic and complete collection of basic Ninjutsu training DVDs that will improve your quest for martial arts wisdom. It is the essence of Ninja self defense training and is suitable for martial art students of any school. It is ideal for students studying for Shodan level blackbelt in authentic Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (aka "Ninjutsu" the ancient art of the Ninja.) Students can simply order just the DVDs without paying for any training and testing. Or, optional training/testing and home-video assessments are also available with our "Virtual Ninja Package."

These comprehensive Ninjutsu training DVDs demonstrate all the required knowledge for earning a first-degree (Shodan level) blackbelt at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo in California USA.
This rigorous course curriculum is by Shihan Mark Roemke who is licensed by Hatsumi Soke. This blackbelt video course features over 8 hours of video instruction including 16 weapons and a 44 page guide (the guide is a printable PDF on a CD.)

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   Ninjutsu black belt course on DVD - Basics of Ninja Training Bujinkan Video



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"Basics of Ninja Training"

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(Does not include blackbelt rank or any kind of training or testing. See  the "Virtual Ninja Package" for optional video assessment or rank testing.) Must be 18 or older. Instruction is in English.
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his blackbelt video course is divided into
9 main lessons, or "kyus"

Kyus are the traditional "levels" in any Bujinkan blackbelt course.
Click on a kyu below for details about the course material in each ninjutsu training DVD lesson:

kyu 9   kyu 8   kyu 7   kyu 6   kyu 5   kyu 4   kyu 3   kyu 2   kyu 1

WEAPONS TAUGHT in "Basics of Ninja Training DVDs"

The Mind
Hanbo - Short Staff
Katana - Sword
Rokushaku Bo - Long staff
Shoto - Short Sword
Tanto - Knife
Kusari Fundo - Chain w/tips
Kunai, Tessen, Jute - Blades
Shuriken - Throwing Blades
Shuko - Hand claws
Naginata and Yari - Spears
Kyoketsu Shoge - Rope/Ring
Hand Guns & Airsoft Training
Pens, cups, keys, dirt, more

  BUJINKAN TOPICS in the "Basics of Ninja Training DVDs"

Junan Taiso “Body Conditioning”
Kamae "Postures"
Taihenjutsu "Body Movement"
     Ukemi "Breakfalls"
     Kaiten "Rolls"
     Shiho Tenchi Tobi "Leaping"
     Kiten “Flips”
     Kuten “Handsprings”
Dakentaijutsu "Striking Techniques"
        Hoken Juroppo Ken “16 Secret Fists”
        Keri “Kicking”
        Uke Nagashi  “Receiving Flow”
        Shinobi Aruki “Silent Walking”   
Tai Sabaki "Body Movement/Evasion"
Ashi Sabaki "Leg/Foot Movement"
Zanshin "Awareness"
Kihon Happo "The Eight Basic Ways"
San Shin No Kata "The 3 Hearts Forms"
Hajutsu Kuho "Wrist/Body Escapes
Gyaku Waza "Reversal Techniques”
Nage Waza "Throwing Techniques”
Jime Waza "Choking Techniques”
Kuzushi "Off Balancing"
Shinken Mutodori Gata "Sword Evasion"
Kyusho "Weakness Points"
Metsubishi “Deceptive Distraction”
Taijutsu - Motion for Maximum Power

The "Basics of Ninja Training" Ninjutsu training DVD (Bujinkan)
blackbelt video course is also available by
INSTANT DOWNLOAD (devices, computers, game systems /TV)

About Shihan Mark Roemke
, licensed by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi:

The instruction in our Ninjutsu training DVD (Bujinkan) blackbelt video course was designed and is presented by Shihan Mark Roemke who has studied Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for over two decades and is licensed to teach by Hatsumi Soke. A 12th Dan sensei, he created the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo over a decade ago and specializes in many martial arts weapons including Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu ("the art of sword drawing and cutting.") A former New York state Tae Kwon Do Champion, Sensei Roemke is also trained in Kenpo Kung Fu, DeCuerdas Eskrima, Seibukan Jujutsu and military fighting tactics of the Army 10th Mountain Infantry. 
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